V7 Martial Arts

Branding for a local martial arts studio

It’s always a pleasure to be granted creative freedom on a project! V7 Martial Arts' name is derived from the seven virtues of bushido. It’s a martial arts gym with an emphasis on training the whole student. We love the way that owner Cathy Harbour described the gym’s visual identity: “Clean lines, modern look, calm, soothing area that will encourage people to center their minds and focus on understanding how to control themselves, learn skills and leave feeling far better than they arrived.”

Check out the logo development below!

After a few more variations....

We chose this version as the final mark! This is a take on an early logo from the temporary splash page of the website for V7 Martial Arts, from web designer Sarah Steever. It’s bold and modern. The bright blue color is used throughout all potential design solutions, echoing the clean and vibrant palette used for the gym’s interior. 

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