Building Community

Branding for an annual fundraiser hosted by the Community Action Center in Pullman, WA.

We built a clean, approachable identity that can be used year after year for one of the Community Action Center's biggest annual fundraisers.

Above are the four different options that we presented to the Community Action Center for their fundraiser's logo. CAC liked the clean, unadorned text, with the "y" in "community" extended to form a heart. Then we added a family of three inside the heart to represent the nonprofit's fundamental connection to people. The final version of the logo is at left.

After nailing down the logo, we helped CAC to create a Save the Date postcard, flier, and program for their fundraiser. The Building Community logo has been in use for three years. We call that a successful design, and thank the Community Action Center for the continued patronage! Below are media packages for the 2015 and 2016 events.

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