B&L Bicycles

Located on Main Street in Pullman, B&L Bicycles needed a sharper, updated version of their logo.

After looking at the raster version of the logo, we focused on modifying the "B & L" font, and make the logo cleaner so that it would reproduce well at a larger size.

Starting off, we replaced the "B & L" text. The Yellowtail font was our front runner, but we ultimately decided on a lighter version of the font. A non-bold version of Yellowtail doesn't exist, we modified the font! Original to the left, lightened version to the right.

Finally, we carefully traced over the raster graphic with vectors to create a scaleable version of the logo. We made two additions to the original logo--a banner beneath "Bicycles" with customized text, and a curved piece of text at the bottom with their location. Now B & L Bicycles has a clean, vectorized version of their logo that will reproduce at any size!

Drop us a line if you would like the same treatment for your existing logo!

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